We encourage a healthy work-life balance

For some colleagues being in an office environment suits them. For others it might not.

Some colleagues prefer the structure of a set working day pattern, whereas others might prefer the flexibility of working at different times or even on different days.

Some colleagues might prefer to work 4 longer days and take longer break from work. Others might prefer to work earlier or later than others. We really embrace flexibility.

We encourage some contact in person in offices because we feel it is healthy.

Working at APL Public Law office
APL Public Law teamwork

It is of benefit to all when colleagues meet and get to know each other, feel supported and part of a great team, and can learn and share experiences together. This is particularly important for our colleagues who are developing their skills and careers and need that more traditional level of personal support to grow.

We believe this is healthy because everyone benefits.

We want our colleagues to achieve a pattern that works for them and their families and circumstances. A pattern that works for our colleagues, and a pattern that works for our clients. We really embrace flexibility.

Make your lifestyle change today

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our roles or if you have a question then email Imogen Jolley at imogen.jolley@accesstopubliclaw.co.uk

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