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If you are experiencing legal issues related to your child’s education, it may be helpful to consult with an Education Lawyer for guidance and representation.

How we can help you

Our Education Solicitors and Lawyers play a vital role by ensuring that children, students, parents, and guardians receive the legal support they need to succeed.

This could be in cases involving exclusion, discrimination, bullying, or special educational needs and involving a child’s school, college, university, or other place of education.

You can find out more about the work our Education Team do here;

  • Appealing a School Place
  • School Exclusion Appeals
  • EHCP appeals
  • Special Educational Needs
  • SEND tribunals
  • Disputes with private/independent schools
  • Children out of school
  • Bullying in schools
  • Disability Discrimination
APL special educational needs

Get specialist professional advice

Disputes can be emotional, stressful and require tact and sensitivity. We specialise in advising and representing clients in matters related to education law, legal rights, appealing decisions and resolving disputes.

Our Education Solicitors and Lawyers play a crucial role in resolving legal disputes and providing support and guidance to parents and guardians, enabling them to navigate complex legal issues.

The work of our Education Solicitors and Lawyers contributes to upholding the fundamental right to education for all, and their expertise is invaluable to ensuring that this right is upheld.

As well as representing children and students who have been refused a school place, we support students who have been excluded or suspended from school and help them get back into the classroom.

Special educational needs and disability

Our Education Lawyers also advocate for students with disabilities to ensure that they receive appropriate provision, reasonable accommodations and services under the law.

We ensure that everyone in the educational process has access to equal opportunities and that their legal and human rights are protected.

Talk to an Education Law professional

If you are in a dispute with a local authority, school, or place of education concerning your child then please contact our friendly Education team today and find out what help there could be available to you.

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