Who are we?

Access to Public Law is a trading style of Walker Thomas LLP.
We are a dedicated Public Law firm taking a modern approach to simplifying the law and how legal services are provided and funded.
Our aim is to make law accessible for everyone with a range of funding options to suit personal circumstances.

Our Mission – What we do

We will guide and support you through your most challenging life events.

  • Relationships: What happens when a relationship comes to an end?
    • We will support you through a relationship breakdown, divorce, separation, or civil partnership dissolution. We can help with resolving financial and property matters and any issue relating to children when a relationship breaks down.
  • Education: What happens when a young person requires support to ensure that they can reach their potential?

We will support you through appeals relating to school admissions and support if a young person faces exclusion. For those who require support with additional needs we can provide help with the Education, Health and Care Plan processes and appeals to the SEND tribunal relating to educational provision or discrimination. We support in disputes with independent schools, maintained schools, FE colleges and Universities.

  • Child Protection: What happens when there are concerns about the welfare of a young person?
    • We can support parents, guardians and family members in sensitive and complex proceedings brought by social services from the initial case conferences to support in court proceedings.
  • Court of Protection: What happens when a person cannot make certain decisions for themselves?
    • We can support you to arrange deputyships, personal injury trusts and health and welfare, ensuring that the person’s best interests remain paramount.
  • Human Rights and Public Law: What happens when the law, or the way public bodies are delivering on that law, seems wrong?
    • We will support you through judicial review to challenge those decisions, inquests and related damages claims against public authorities. We bring challenges to settle questions of rights in respect of community care, education, and other Public Law matters. In some circumstances we can also challenge wider policy decisions of Public and Governmental Bodies.
  • Abuse: What justice can a victim of abuse achieve?
    • We will seek justice for anyone who has suffered child abuse, sexual or physical abuse, religious abuse, abuse in local authority care and schools, abuse in foster care or abuse in sport.

Our Vision – How we do it

This are our promises to you.

  • We will provide you with clear and straightforward legal advice and legal representation.
  • We will navigate you calmly through the legal process.
  • We will deal with all relevant documents, correspondence, and communications on your behalf.
  • If appropriate, we will represent you at hearings or instruct Counsel to represent you.
  • We will always listen to you and we will always make time for you.

We will take the weight off your shoulders and we will fight your corner.

Why we do it

Our belief is that everyone should be able to access the law and to be able to afford to access the law.

We are a socially responsible law firm made up of solicitors, lawyers and colleagues who have chosen Public Law because they have a passion to help people during their most vulnerable and difficult moments.

Our motivation is driven by strong ethical and moral principles and the satisfaction of solving the difficult and wide-ranging challenges our clients face.

Our Values

In everything we do and every way we work and build relationships there are core values that underpin our culture and that you can expect.

  • Honesty, trust, and integrity
    • We will never mislead you
    • We will do what we promise we will do
    • We will always act in your best interests
  • Simplicity, innovation, and quality
    • We use our skills and technology to achieve smarter ways of working
    • We will work creatively to find solutions for you
    • We will continually supervise and review your case to meet your expectations
  • Inclusivity, diversity, and humility
    • We will never judge you
    • We embrace diversity because it enriches our society
    • We will never exclude anyone
  • Teamwork, passion, and continuous improvement
    • We will work collaboratively to achieve the best results
    • We will work hard to deliver the result you want
    • We will strive to find smarter ways of achieving success

Speak to us

We are open, friendly, and approachable. If you think we might be able to help you and you need help, then simply ask us.

Feel free to contact us discretely by calling 07804964337 or alternatively email your question to imogen.jolley@accesstopubliclaw.co.uk Please tell us how you would like us to reply.

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