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If your relationship is ending, obtaining legal advice and representation as early as possible is important to securing a fair outcome and a beneficial legally binding agreement.

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The legal issues that arise when people separate can be complex, involving matters like child custody and residency, property division, financial settlements, child support and possession agreements (even pets).

Our expert team of Divorce and Family Solicitors and Lawyers can advise and support you through your divorce, separation, or civil partnership dissolution.

Our Divorce and Family Solicitors and Lawyers use their expert knowledge to navigate the legal processes and provide the professional guidance and emotional support you need.

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How we can help you

There are a range of solutions in most situations and many issues you may not have considered. We will discuss and explore options that are most beneficial to you.


Cohabitation agreements protect you if you are unmarried or living together.

If you are starting a new relationship you might want to protect your children’s inheritance.

A pre-nuptial agreement can protect you by agreeing how your property and money is shared if you ever separated or divorced in the future.

Married Couples and Civil Partnerships

Understanding if you should apply for a divorce, which allows couples to end a marriage, or an annulment, that declares a marriage void or as though it never happened, can be confusing.

A separation agreement can help people who want to separate but are not ready or do not want to divorce.

In more recent time couples increasingly separate on more amicable terms and choose to use just one solicitor to save expense and to separate avoiding Court.


Arrangements for children when couples divorce or separate, which may be where children will live, the time spent with each parent or guardian, where they go to school and how much child maintenance will be paid.

Helping step-parents and grandparents to maintain contact with children.

Advising on matters including local authority care orders and care proceedings.

Help and Advice

Our Family Solicitors and Lawyers are friendly, highly experienced and provide professional advice and ready to help with your questions, which may be

  • I want to leave my partner or my partner wants to leave me, what should I consider?
  • When should tell my partner?
  • Must I move out of our home?
  • How long does the legal process take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will I have to go to Court?

If you are facing a legal issue involving your family or a relationship then speak to us before you take any further steps.

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